Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Red Cliff, Iron Man, Lost + FotW

Part 1 and 2 International version

Just finished watching the  4 hour+ movie Red Cliff...or Chi Bi. I personally loved most things about the movie. I've been a Dynasty Warriors fan since DW3 and it was pretty cool seeing some of my favorite characters come to life...even though i was sad at some of the detail put in (like Sun Quan being too old and Xiahou Dun not having an eye patch maybe that happened after but would have been cool.) The other thing that irritated me was that it wasn't historically accurate with the roles of the people in the film. The chick Sun Shang Xiang was never a spy but ugh o well. 

Okay now that's my nerdy peeves dealt with. What I did love was the portrayal of Zhuge Liang by Takeshi Kaneshiro who is growing on me every time I see him on screen. Guy has talent. 
There were a few moments in the film that stuck out to me. When Pit dies is the part that I found most well done. Battle scenes were epic of course. I mean it is John Woo. The line that stuck out to me was one of the last ones where Zhou Yu looks around and says "There are no winners here" after the most kickass standoff I've seen in a while. 

The actor that blew me away in this movie was Shido Nakamura portraying Gan Xing. His last scene in the movie is epic. He played the best badass out of everyone. Didn't even say much but pulled it off perfectly. Anyway I did want to see more in this film. Some Yuan Shao, Lu Bu, and Diao Chan would have made my day. But theres only so much you can fit in one film.

I also watched all the behind the scenes footage. The Second unit directors were troopers. They had to deal with a baby and get it to smile for ONE SHOT. Took 2 or 3 days to get. Anyway I loved one of the second unit directors who kept talking about how John Woo is insane and how he has nightmares from babies. I'm glad that the movie grossed so much money (More than the Dark Knight) after all the setbacks that occurred on set. (Heard rumors of animal abuse and a horse dying. Hope that isnt true :/)

Was there any dialogue in the script? Just seemed like Downey Jr was let off the leash...which is good. However, there were points where he needed to be reeled back in. Action was good. Particularly enjoyed the Captain America and Avengers jokes. Overall thought the movie was a bunch of fun but felt like an excuse to just upgrade his armor to the new suit for avengers. And that whole making a new element in my living room thing? Didn't buy it. Bored me. 

Season Finale
I have not watched Lost since Season 3..or 4? who knows. But missing all the seasons in between didn't really seem to matter to me as I made sense of the finale easily. I persoanlly loved how it ended. Bold. The twist it needed. And it felt satisfying to me. The whole end was about closure...which a lot of people were craving. And I think they got it. The best part for me was when Jack was stumbling in the jungle and lays down to die...and that damn dog appears. Damn dogs. And then it laid down next to him. Too well done. Freakin animals playing with my emotions. (Maybe it was symbolic...Jack dies and ends Tv career. Dog born and starts movie career...more than most actors on the show can say. Kate any1? yuck) 

...but was I the only one wondering how they got the gigantic tree off of him? 

Sushi. Can't get enough. 

Only rave this week is that I need to figure out a way to stop injuring myself.
And if your going to buy burgers for a barbecuse bring cheeze!!!!! grr Vanessa. 

Friend of the week.

Devon Byers

He is everyone's best friend pretty much. Or is he? ACTION

El tigre



  1. I was with being the Friend of the Week, until you said "Is He?"

    Way to stab me in the

    Still want to see Red Cliff, but I don't play Dynasty Warriors so I don't know if it would still hold me for 4 hours.
    Glad you liked the Lost finale. I was happy with it as well.

    Time for work.

  2. I like your sign offs. Classic. And by the way, Devon is everyone's best friend. Funny!

  3. I'm a spazz. I just realized you're the celt! :)

  4. I had to completely skip out that Lost section. I need to watch it myself!

    Red cliff is a complete nerdgasm movie. Its amazing and I swear one day Tony we need to make a movie as epic as this one. It needs to be epic to the degree that people walk out and go "oh my god there was so much epicness I pee'd myself"

    I love that photo you posted of Devo.

  5. I somewhat agree with you on Ironman 2. It does very much feel like the inbetweener movie. The first was really great, a great introduction to the great Mr. Stark. But the second very clearly feels like, 'we need this to be able to make sense of The Avengers film coming up'. Which is fine for me as I went into the theatre knowing that. But I mean, how else could they do the movie.

    And yes, Rourke, Downey and Rockwell... AMAZING?! YES!

  6. yeah i am totally the_celt erika...mainly because im an idiot and havent bothered trying to figure out how to get my name on here...

    and yes drea. an epic movie of epic proportions. im blank on ideas...but yeah haha.