Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's all part of the plan

So since school has ended I've been taking a mini vacation and doing nothing really productive...first job of the summer today though as a PA. But I'm going to map out the "plan". I've already helped on one shoot this summer...even though i fell asleep on set like 6 times. Sorry conz lol.

Non-productive things to do this summer:
-Play MAG, Fat Princess, Dynasty Warriors, and Final Fantasy 13.
-Watch the world cup at bars.
-Gamble on the World Cup.
-Go to the gym at least 4 times a week (nonproductive? meh)
-And of course...party.

Productive things to do this summer:
-Watch movies
-Buy a full rig for my 7d (follow focus, rails, shoulder mount, matte box maybe) and zoom h4n w/sound stuff
-Find a job that is super flexible or consistent side jobs.
-Finish writing Avatard, The Celt, Vacation Darfur, Your Life, and...(Bad Romance working title)
-Shoot Avatard
-Shoot Vacation Darfur
-Start writing something that I can shoot in Ireland by myself with only myself. (TOUGH)
-Go to Ireland.
-Go on road trips.
-Perhaps PA in LA

Things that can be productive or non productive but most likely non productive:

haha. just kidding on the last one there. Just realized it sounds like a pregnancy joke too. O_O

Time to get ready to make some money. Then off to Devon Byers Lord of the Rings monopoly night!...only Devon. haha.




  1. TC OUT!

    I love this blog. It made me laugh. I wish you didn't spoil it on job today! But you are the best! I like your non productive list. It somewhat resembles mine except instead of workout its tan. You should tan with me? :)

  2. i should...but you need to motivate me cuz i hate having burns and i know itll happen! and i also like sleeping in lol

  3. and you hate correct grammar.