Saturday, May 22, 2010

"Devotion will make you feel more complete"

Fortune cookie said that^. Sign I need to get on my stuff.

So it's been an interesting week this last week. I've had a lot of fun with different groups of people some of which I haven't seen for a longggg time. I've had so much fun this last week I've forgot to really sleep at all.  Which made me a little short on patience in the last day but thankfully I found my way back to bed...

WARNING. If you text me and I respond with a text that makes little to no sense then I am most likely asleep. Sleep texting has become my new bad habit. Apparently I was texting three people in my sleep last night/morning and have no recollection of it. And before you cynics say anything NO I had not been drinking. 

Even though I had a good week I want to start this for fun
Weekly rant:
Torn groin...and the pain hiking 9 hours later.
Thumb still hurts two weeks after punching stupid machine wrong
Chlorine dried out my skin. Hate that.
Soccer players boasting before the world cup.
People who can tan >_<
Chris Russell monopolizing monopoly.

Weekly likes:
Drea for having a pool party.
Chamakh for officially signing for Arsenal.
Devon for having movie night and game night.
Going to the half shell with friends and douchebags!
Simon and me tricking Kristina!
Seeing old friends and making new ones.
The Descent!
Cristiano Ronaldo for saying he isn't a one man team.
Nike's World Cup video.
The chick in the Samba School Nike Video

Anyway I'm fully implementing my routine for results starting Sunday.
And can't wait to finally watch Red Cliff which Rob recommended to me the first time I met him. 

Tone Dog Millionaire 



  1. Whats your routine for results? And why do you hate people who tan...don't hate yourself Tony. It's bad form.

  2. Thanks for liking the pool party. I will throw another one in which Devon can actually attend.

    I heart cristiano. Oh god he is a gorgeous man.

    So are you. If you wear a footy uniform around me I might do dirty things. Jk.

    I tan. Devon, hate me as well. I can tan. Lol <3