Thursday, July 15, 2010

The future of English football

After yet another dismal World Cup, England are in tatters. Big Sam is calling for a change in the FA. Beckham is blaming the players. The players are blaming themselves. The pundits are blaming the amount of games played. All the while Fabio Capello doesn't know what went wrong. So what the hell is going on and when will it change???

Failure #1. The Oldboys.

Manager after manager after manager have done the same thing. They play the same players over and over without ever thinking that the problem may lie with the players themselves. Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard, Wayne Rooney, John Terry, Ashley Cole, EMILE HESKEY. Lamps has done a fair job but cant drive a team. He is good at filling in the gaps and is a fairly one dimensional player with an eye for a long shot...Gerrard is virtually the same player except with horrible disicpline and puts down his head after the first thing goes wrong. Rooney Rooney Rooney how overrated you are. You are good but you are not great. Pegged as the next big thing after having a good showing in the Euros a while back he has grown strong. Only problem was that all his goals in the Euros that year were lucky if you examine them. Goalies jumping out of the way basically. John Terry is scum and sleeps with his teammates wives. Ashley Cole is an angry little man and also seems to be a whiner on field. And Emile Heskey can't score goals. I can honestly say that I am better than Heskey when I'm fit. 

2nd mistake - The press
If you have ever bragged and lied about something long enough, then you should know that you eventually start believing your own bullshit. That is exactly what happened with the Nike commercials. All the promos of the so called best players built them up as something they are not. They are not gods. They are the best because they work their asses off at what they do. They forgot that and became frustrated at even the simplest of hurdles. It is quite disturbing how quickly English players are to hang up their boots and retire. If you look at countries like Italy they have players playing close to their forties...and they also won the previous World Cup...with all domestic platers which leads me to...

3rd mistake. - The English Premier League.
The Best of the Best. No league can match it. Only problem...not so English. Liverpool look more like a Spanish team. Arsenal look like a French team.  Chelsea look like an African team. Man Utd are the closest thing to an English team consistently in the top 4. There are a handful of players in these teams that are English which makes selections a headache. Say there are 20 English nationals between all these teams. That means there is a selection pool of 20 to try and be versatile with. That means there are 9 options to switch things around. It just really isnt enough to choose from.

The way of the future...
Tottenham Hotspur. The success of this club lies with Harry Rednapp who favors English players. They broke the top four this year. They have a relatively young team. Time will tell. 

The death of the English Premier League...or the rebirth.
In today's society footballers are celebrities on par, or above in some cases, A list celebrities in Hollywood. A list celebrities like good weather. England does not have that. As celebrity increases in soccer there will be less players migrating to England and more to Spain and Italy. This can be good for England as that will give opportunity to younger english players to come through the ranks. However, that is assuming that Africa Asia and South America arent pillaged of their young talents. Ever heard of Cesc Fabregas? pillaged. Cristiano Ronaldo? pillaged. Robin Van Persie. Gael Clichy. Aaron Ramsey. Carlos Vela. Macheda. All pillaged. Name the best English players that were pillaged...Rooney...and uh...joe cole...wait joe cole is 28. 

One for the future. Adam Johnson. Thank God. Too bad he will probably become the next Michael Owen and have his career be injury plagued. Thus is the Premier League. The toughest league not only to break into but the toughest league to stay in. 

And the scary thing is that nobody has seemed to notice that the USA did better than England at the world cup...uh oh for the future.



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